Conference - Nutrition and Physical Activities

Results of the survey

On Thursday February 4th 2016, a meeting on nutrition and health took place in Biarritz Hospitality School. It is part of the Erasmus+ project “Ready Steady Life” enrolling seven European countries and dealing with “how to eat well and to be fit”. We (the students of the Bakery and Pastry class) had led an on line inquiry on the eating and moving habits of our school students.

The results were collected on infographics and printed on posters. Then we were able to present them to three other classes from our school. We also showed them the video we made on nutrients and their functions.

Afterwards, two speakers, Lucie Darjo, a dietician and Edson Vanz, a sport and health leader, talked to us about the importance of healthy food and practising physical activities. Thanks to an interactive quiz, we answered questions using our own smartphones. We learnt that youngsters have to practise sports 60 minutes a day and adults 30 minutes a day and that we have to eat for 20 minutes to reach repletion.

At last, Mrs Aubry, the school doctor and Mrs Carapina, the school nurse, gave us information on the diseases such as anorexia, bulimia, diabetes or obesity. To cure these diseases, patients follow a psychological treatment as well as a nutritional programme. They also explained that we could keep an eye on our weight thanks to our BMI (Body Mass Index). Then they talked about the consequences of overweight on health such as cardiovascular diseases, heart attack, depression or even suicide. They also gave us the references of Health centers in case that we should be concerned or want to be cured..

At the end of this meeting, we can say that we really appreciated all the advice we were given. Thanks to them and to the work in class, we will be able to pass on information regarding  the good eating  habits and physical activities among the young Europeans through our website.