Liceo Scientifico Laurana

Together toward the future

The “Liceo Scientifico e delle Scienze Umane Laurana-Baldi”  is a historical institution, founded during the period of the unification of Italy in the1860s, which has developed over the decades. Currently it houses two seats, both of which are in the city of Urbino, and is attended  by about 500 youngsters from 15 to 19 years of age and nearly 40 teachers teach in it.

Our students come from the town itself or from the many neighbouring towns. The curriculum aims at promoting students’ cultural and individual development as well as helping them acquire the linguistic, digital and relational skills needed for the complexities of contemporary society. The school offers three distinct branches of study, all three preparatory for university: the Traditional Science High School offering a broad and well-articulated scientific and humanistic preparation; the Applied Science High School   which aims at emphasizing students’ technological-scientific preparation while firmly maintaining the objective of a solid cultural background; the Human Science High School which prepares for educational and social service studies.

Besides the subjects offered in the curriculum, the school is involved in and promotes a variety of initiatives and projects for its students. Several examples are the following: projects alternating school-time with job experience and university internships within various departments of the University of Urbino; participation in the Olympic Games of Physics, Chemistry, Natural Science, Mathematics, Computer Science, English and Italian; individual and group counselling services for the prevention of and help with relational difficulties; remedial study groups and lessons, preparation for PET, FCE and CAE certifications,  study-holidays in Great Britain,  university curriculum counselling, theatre and music laboratories.