Varmes Pamatskola

Let’s start every day with the sun and end with a smile!

   Varme Primary School is located in Varme parish Kuldiga district in Latvia. The building was a baron Osten Sacken’s mansion in the past, but now it is has been a school for 90 years. Around the building there is an old manor park with lots of little-known species of trees. These trees were planted by the baron.

   Our school is very beautiful. It is light brown with orange-brown window frames. It is a two-storey, large and spacious school. The school is in the top of the great stairway which is divided into two parts, and they lead to the beautiful assembly hall.

   At the present 103 students study there. These pupils are taught by 19 teachers. The school employs another 13 technical staff workers. There is also a gym and kindergarten near the school. 35 children attend kindergarten groups.

   Our school has a lot of traditions. Students can dance folk and sport dances, sing in chorus, act in drama club and deal with a variety of sports. Our school’s students have good marks and good progress in training olympiads.