Results of the Survey

Colegio Concertado Torre Salinas

Spanish students frequently do physical activity, at school (although there are only two PE sessions a week in the curriculum) and outside school. They love doing team sports, being football, basketball, gymnastics and dancing the most popular ones. Most of them do exercise between 60 and 90 minutes every day, so they are physically active.

Concerning homemade food, most of our students, 70%, stated to eat it often. In Spain, lunch is the main meal, when the family eats together, and our students normally have a homemade meal prepared by their mothers. As for fast food, this is a favorite among teenagers, who know its damaging side, but they still have it (19% everyday, 34% one to three times a week) as they love it when they eat out. At home, about a quarter of the surveyed pupils said to eat junk food from one to three times a week, something which we hope to change, with the measures taken into action.

As for other types of food -including fruit, legumes, vegetables, fish and sweets- Spanish students stated their preference for fruit and meat. However, for paradoxically it seems, as we enjoy fresh fish everyday in our diet, they are not so much into fish. They also reported to intake legumes, vegetables and fruit at very low quantities. This is a shame, as our Mediterranean climate provides us with a wide variety of fruit and vegetables, at everyone’s reach and for reasonable prices.
The most surprising fact in the statistics is the low intake of sweets. Our students don’t seem to be too attracted to them, which we are really happy about.
When our students eat out they prefer to order burgers and pizzas, although kebabs are becoming also as popular.
Regarding drinks, a positive result was that students chose still water both at mealtime at home and at school breaks, and 50% stated to drink more than six glasses a day.

Half of our students reported to snack during breaks and they chose fruit for their snacks, which seems to be contradictory with the second paragraph where they stated that they hardly ate any fruit.

The majority of the students maintained that the most important meal of the day was breakfast. However, they don’t do what they should, as we know that they start school without having eaten anything at home, just a glass of milk. It is not until 11o´clock -break time- that they have something to eat, mostly a sandwich. This is another habit we, teachers, intend to modify.