Results of the Survey

Jaszberenyi Nagyboldogasszony Kettannyelvu

Survey shows that most Hungarian students like sports and they are physically active. Besides Physical Education students prefer team sports. Boys play football regularly.  Volleyball is the most popular sport among the girls in our school.
At school there is a canteen where most of the students have lunch every day. At home they eat homemade food at the weekend and rarely eat fast food. The lunch consists of three courses. We can say that families devote enough time and energy to cook healthy food.
Hungarian students prefer choosing water instead of soft drinks. Fortunately fruit and vegetables are popular. Majority of people in the survey eat them one to three times a day.
Unfortunately sweets are often eaten by them. 26 per cent of them eat sweets on to three times a day.
According to the survey results Hungarian students lead a healthy lifestyle, but there are some ares where we have to inspire them to eat more consciously.