Results of the Survey

Liceo Scientifico Laurana

For the Erasmus + project, the students of three classes of the Liceo Scientifico “Laurana” were given a survey on food and sports habits. The questionnaire involved 57 students.

As regards sports activities, 47 students  (more than 80%) do sports regularly – and the majority of them said that, besides Physical Education lessons, they do sports more than three times a week; their favourite sports are football, basketball, volleyball and gymnastics. All activities are practiced, on an average of one hour/one hour and a half.

With regards to food habits, more than half of the students eat daily home-made food and one third of them do so from one to three times a week, while half of them rarely eat – or even never – quick frozen food. In addition, they rarely eat fast food.

Most of the students drink more than six glasses of water per day and have four meals during a day (breakfast is considered the most important one): more specifically, 58% of students eat fruit every day, whereas none of them has vegetables daily but rather from one to three times a week;84% of them eat fish from one to three times a week and they have red meat just as often. Also pulses, rice and pasta are widely consumed, as well as sweets. Foods are always salted while they are being prepared. Students rarely have junk food.
Since there isn’t a school canteen, most of the students bring their own food for lunch, and in half the cases it is home-made. 89% of the students drink water during meals.
81% of the interviewed people snack during the morning break, and have mainly fruit (10 students) or pizza (10 students): the remaining people choose chocolate, biscuits, chips and sandwiches, but during the day they have fruit or vegetables in between their main meals.
Our students appreciate any kind of food, especially sweets, while they are less into pulses. 32% of the students love cooking and, even though not everybody is aware of the nutrients contained in food, the majority of them answered the question correctly.
Considering these results, the survey has shown a positive trend in the students’ habits, both for food and for sports activities. The latter are practiced by a consistent number of students, who mostly choose especially team sports, thus developing not only their physical skills, but also values related to cooperation and responsibility in being part of a group. As regards food habits, the questionnaire shows how consumption of all nutrients is widespread and regular, especially the choice of having fruit and vegetables even during both morning and afternoon breaks. The choice of drinking water during meals is a satisfactory result, too. Nevertheless the persistent consumption of ready-made or frozen food (33% of students) and the weekly or monthly choice of fast food for 25% of the students interviewed, is to be highlighted.