Results of the Survey

Publiczne Gimnazjum Wislawy Szymborskiej

In Polish Middle School Gimnazjum 44 the number of 112 students filled in the questionnaire.

One of the questions presents the teenagers’ attitude towards cooking. Only 16% of young people would rather order some takeway food than prepare meals in the kitchen. Cooking with friends and relatives has become quite popular in Poland. It can be seen also in the question concerning homemade food. We were glad to find that in Poland families still prepare meals at home. 88% students eat them every day.
What do they eat then? The next question chosen was:  what do you usually have when eating with your family? The results show that the traditional Polish family meal – a soup and main course – is still a popular alternative. The traditional dishes are often demanding in preparation. Many Poles allow themselves a generous amount of time to serve and enjoy their meals. As for the meals at school 80% of students prefer to buy food in the school canteen or shop. Students like having snacks during breaks and they choose water or juice to drink.

The knowledge of the nutritional value of food seems to be wide among students of Polish school.Majority of teenagers  know the health benefiting properties of fruit . However,  making young people eat more fruit or vegies every day can sometimes be a struggle.Media influence, busy social schedules and increased access to unhealthy food choice cause it more difficult to make sure that teenagers are getting the nutrients they need. The easiest thing we can do is to offer a variety and make fruit available for everyone.
Unfortunately, students aren’t aware of the bad impact of using salt on our health. 67 % of students usually add salt to their meals and only 8% never do it. Obviously, learning about the harmful effects of a high salt diet is important if we are to see the daily intake fall. Giving young people the information they need about salt, practical advice on cooking without salt, as well as teaching them about how to shop healthily, is a crucial step to reduce many chronic illnesses later in life.
Another aspect of a healthy lifestyle is sport. We were glad to find that a lot of students do sport regularly apart from PE lessons and they can mention at least one favourite sport.
Students of Gimnazjum 44 liked the idea of a questionnaire the were supposed to fill in. They were eager to present the results to their friends, parents and teachers. During the conference organized at school  they discussed the various aspects of a healthy likestyle. We hope it was an interesting lesson for them.