Results of the Survey

Varmes Pamatskola

In Latvia most people do physical activities and this means we are very sporty. Football is the most favourite sport game in Latvia but the least favourite is floorball.
In our country most people consume 3 meals per day but some people only have one meal. In Latvia most people eat homemade food.
Most people eat 1-3 times in month fast food but a lot of people never eat fast food and that means we prefer healthy food.
In our country most people eat fruits every day and vegetables 1-3 times a day. We are used to eat fruits and vegetables a lot.
We are worried about results that most people eat sweets 1-3 times a day. We should eat less because sweets are not healthy food.

When Latvians are thirsty the mineral water is the most popular to drink.
Majority of people eat continental breakfast but there is quite high number of people who never eat breakfast and it is wrong.
In Latvia most students eat snacks during the breaks and the most popular snacks are chips and fruits but chips are less popular than fruits. And this is very good.
Latvians usually put salt on their meals but some people never use salt.
Latvians think that the most important meal of the day is lunch and that’s bad because the most important meal of the day is breakfast.