Colegio Concertado

Torre Salinas

We achieve goals, clear barriers and overcome obstacles

Our school, Torre Salinas, founded in 1980 is a semi-state school located in a working to  middle class district in the outskirts of the city of Murcia. Although we cater for Primary and Secondary Education, Torre Salinas is a relatively small school, with only one class of about 25 pupils per form (with 6 forms in Primary Education and 4 in Compulsory Secondary Education).

Our reduced dimensions in terms of school buildings, facilities and number of students should not be regarded as a downside. Quite the opposite, it makes coexistence and life in general at school much easier and peaceful. Pupils at this school come from a low to middle socioeconomic background, which makes it very difficult and, in some cases, impossible for them to go study abroad.

This Erasmus+ Project would provide them precisely with an opportunity to meet students from other European countries, and it would be an excellent opportunity for interacting and working with these students while they practice and learn English.

Our school has a multicultural profile, with students coming from different parts of the world(mainly East European countries, South America and North Africa), as well as the local students. This heterogeneity in terms of culture and native languages is the result of previous work opportunities, in terms of farming mainly. This project would help to bring an increased feeling of global citizenship, especially by having pupils carry out activities aimed at  overcoming ethnic prejudices and developing tolerant attitudes among all the members of the school community ( mainly among the local and invited students).

Recently, our school has received accreditation by the Government to enter the Bilingual School System.