The App

Foodstorm is an App for Android developed and implemented by a group of students attending the ICT department of the High School of Science, Liceo Laurana-Baldi in Urbino, Italy.
The group consisted of four students, Emanuele Veltri, Giovanni Fattori, Leonardo Sollazzo and Riccardo Mainardi. Each one of them had a specific role within the project such as coordinator, project creator and graphic designer, app developer, and graphic designer and developer.
According to the specific content of the project, the App represents a modern and funny way to support and spread a new nutritional consciousness, in order to raiseĀ  awareness of the importance of having a healthy lifestyle and salutary eating habits among students aged 12-18. The aim is to sensitize youngsters to a good and healthy diet in a fun way.
In the game different kinds of food fall from the sky and the main character Earl can eat as much as he wants as long as he picks only the healthy food. The game is over when he eats too much unhealthy food, which makes him sick and stops him from eating more.