The Game

Students involved in the project were requested to imagine and build a game to make healthy lifestyle understandable to young people. During the mobility in Latvia, students imagined that they could build a Trivia like game with three categories of questions: Healthy diet, sports and eating disorders. They planned to design a game platform in a triangle form, dedicated dices, counters and questions.
Then, we divided the work among all the countries; for example, Poland was in charge of writing the rules and drawing the platform, Hungary was in charge of designing the dices and counters, Spain of making 3D objects to collect the points, Italy of designing the questions cards. Each country wrote a section of the question.
All this material was printed and students participating in the trip to Athens played the game “in real”. They had a lot of fun and learnt many things.
All you need to play this game is on this page. We hope you will enjoy it and learn a lot of things!